Australians rise to the challenge for National Nutrition Week 2014

4 OCTOBER 2014

National Nutrition Week begins on 12 October 2014 and this year Nutrition Australia is encouraging all Australians to take the Nutrition Week Challenge by following the Australian Dietary Guidelines over the seven-day period.

Did you know the majority of Australians are not meeting their nutritional requirements?

According to the 2011-12 Australian Health survey, only 6.8% of Australians eat enough vegetables every day and just over half (54%) of us eat enough fruit.

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Cook, Eat and Enjoy with us during Seniors Week

3 MARCH 2014

Many seniors are not consuming the recommended serves of fruit, vegetables and dairy products[1]. Studies have found that the most common health conditions amongst this group include elevated blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis[1]. Choosing the right foods plays a significant role in managing these health conditions.

To celebrate Seniors Week, Nutrition Australia ACT (NA ACT) is helping seniors to eat well by reigniting their passion for cooking with the successful Project Dinnertime – Simple Eats for Seniors program. This program aims to inspire individuals to cook more meals from home more often, by improving skills, confidence and motivation in the kitchen.

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Empowering students with a disappearing skill – COOKING

10 OCTOBER 2013

Almost one in four of our evening meals are prepared outside the home (Sensis 2009). These meals are more likely to be higher in fat, salt and sugar than the homemade equivalent.

On Wednesday 16 October, Nutrition Australia ACT will be launching the Project Dinnertime – School to Home program which aims to empower students to prepare their own food with confidence and consequently improve their nutritional wellbeing.

Project Dinnertime – School to Home encompasses the theme of getting more people cooking more often and helping them to cook, eat and enjoy good food everyday.

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