Australians rise to the challenge for National Nutrition Week 2014

National Nutrition Week begins on 12 October 2014 and this year Nutrition Australia is encouraging all Australians to take the Nutrition Week Challenge by following the Australian Dietary Guidelines over the seven-day period.

Did you know the majority of Australians are not meeting their nutritional requirements?

According to the 2011-12 Australian Health survey, only 6.8% of Australians eat enough vegetables every day and just over half (54%) of us eat enough fruit. In addition, we’re filling up on too much “discretionary food” with over one third (35%) of daily total energy intake coming from foods and drinks with very little nutritional value, but which are high in saturated fat, sugar, salt and/or alcohol.  Too much discretionary food and not enough of the essential foods, such as fruit and vegetables, are major contributing factors towards the increasing levels of overweight and obesity that we are seeing throughout Australia.

Cook.Eat.Enjoy – Take the Nutrition Week Challenge

With its NNW motto, Cook.Eat.Enjoy, Nutrition Australia is challenging all Australians to give their healthy eating a kick-start in the right direction by preparing their own meals every day for seven days. In many cases, simply enjoying more home cooked meals and relying less on convenient take away options will not only improve your nutritional intake but also save you dollars.

Nutrition Australia encourages YOU to join the growing number of Australians taking the pledge to follow the Australian Dietary Guidelines during NNW! In taking the pledge you will be provided with a specially selected nutrition toolkit that includes a seven-day menu plan, shopping list and a range of recipes to help you cook, eat and enjoy your way through the challenge.

There are three budget friendly meal plans to choose from – Family, Adults and Vegetarian, to help you meet nutritional requirements according to the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

To take the pledge visit

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